Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aerial Photo of Southern Sycamore canyon

This is an aerial photo of southern Sycamore canyon. The red X mark locations of interest.

The X the top right side is Sycamore Point.

The bottom center X is Iron Gate Mine.

I have marked trial heads that enter sycamore but the one to get to the iron gate mine is ware sycamore joins the Verde river just off the photo on the bottom. A road from Clarkdale, and Cottonwood is kind of ruff but well worth the drive.

There are photos of some of these locations in the stories in other parts of this page and the Sycamore Photo page.



  1. Good day! Does the frequency of your posting depend on specific things or you work on articles when you have an inspiration or write posts when you have sufficient time for it? Waiting forward to hear from you.

  2. Hi Timothy. I add to my posts in all 3 cases.I have been looking for more photos to add with commentary and will have more inspiration after I get bake from my next trip to Sycamore Canyon in April or May. I am working on were we will be hunting for the lost village of coconino. Having gone through all the info we have again and looking at aerial photos we have an idea of the area we will be hunting.