Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lost Spanish mines In Arizona

The lost padre gold mine of Arizona.

   Hunting lost Spanish gold mines for me started back in 1992 when I moved back to Sedona Arizona. I had been prospecting out of Prescott AZ.

   There are quite a few lost Spanish mines in Arizona the Lost Dutchman is the most famous of them but there are the Lost Padre, Geronimo's lost mine, Lost Mine with the Iron Door just to name a few.

    My story starts out after I moved back to sedona and has been quite an adventure for many years.

   A person that I worked with at a print shop approached me and told me about lost Spanish mines in sycamore canyon south west of Flagstaff, and west of Sedona. We met after work and talked about doing a little research.
   Looking through the book stores and libraries to find stories and maps of the area took months. Most books on the subject turned out to have the same stories with some differences. It was like everyone was copying the same information but changing some little facts to mislead the reader. Even though there where some stories that had some information that was not in most of the others they to left out much of what most people where wanting to learn about.
   We had started the hunt for the lost mines in sycamore canyon at an off branch called volunteer canyon. What a challenge! I had not known what the canyon was like and had in store for any person that did not stay on some the trail. But the things you find when you go were few have gone be for if any for there is a lot of canyon in those canyons.
   On one expedition I was walking up a wash that dumped in to northern sycamore ware the canyon is 500 feet deep not 1500 feet deep. In the wall of the wash wall I saw a black crystal, So I dug it out and took it with me to Sedona. I had taken it to many rock shops and got no ware but in one his Father had retired but now every rock there was, he said. He took it and 3 days later I went back. He said "Hi how are you, Well my dad does not know what they are but we will talk all you can bring us." It sounded like I had discovered a new crystal. I had been back in that area but did not find the same wash. In the creak bed I found them but not as large nore whole. this may have been ware the pocket collapsed and broke them.


  1. just found your site, thanks, very interesting and keep up the good work.
    i have read about this lost mine and it has been on and off of my mind for some time.

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