Friday, May 11, 2012

Prospecting around ARIZONA

ARIZONA Prospecting;

   I have been prospecting in Arizona sense 1991 most of it near Prescott along Lynx Creak. Other places are out behind Mayor, Jerome, Rye, Congress, Pine, Bloody Basin, Verde River Oak Creak and along the Aqua Fria River. The map below shows the area that I have going around prospecting. Lost mine hunting Has been done north east of Perkinsville. Other mines are all over from Chino Valley down to Congress and east toward Camp Verde.

   At a point I started to multitask: prospecting and mine hunting. Prospecting for not only gold but gems too.

   The best consistent results for gold was along Lynx Creak. Though many people have been up and down the creak with gold pans and metal detectors the rains always stir up a little more gold to find.

   There is a silver mine near the top of Oak Creak in a canyon that feeds in to it but I have not been to it Though there are many that have.

   I had found some quarts rocks containing platinum (so I was told it was) out side of Congress.

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   Flynnite a black crystal I discovered in sycamore and only found in the northern half of the canyon wall.
   More about these in ( Lost Spanish Mines in Arizona )  below.
   If I ever get down in that part I will get a collection some mite be sold.

   Spinel or Topaz in eastern AZ.
   More about these on ( DIAMONDS ??? ) page.

( UP DATE had the stones sent to lab see report.)

 Panning a side creak near the top  that flows in to sycamore.