Sycamore Photos

6/18/2013 Expedition to Sycamore Canyon

All description are on top of all photos

Looking south through Sycamore Canyon working our way down to the southern point of this ridge. Half way down from the rim.
 Canyon wall standing on the southern point looking north. At this point Tom had gone down here to see if we could get down any further. He had worked his way down through the bushes on his hands and knees tell he got to a cliff. Not seeing any way to go further when I wanted to go another 60 feet to see around the rocks under where I am standing.
 looking up from the point to the rim. when we left here we worked our way up to the cliff tops. We had came down on the right behind the tree.
 Here I am looking up the side canyon, to the right of the red rock up on top of the canyon is where our camp is set up. We had a long 6 or more miles the to get here. Most of the ledge around us is over grown so thick you can not see below.
This is a pic of the side canyon below and a little to the left of the photo above. the creak bed is not visible because it is still down in another 20 to 40 feet below the rock ledge to the left of the center.
 The rock wall here is on the other side of Sycamore Canyon. The canyon wall below on this side is very similar.
 We came down just to the right of center at the top of this pic. Moving through the bush is a challenge with limbs snagging on clothes back pack and flesh and the rocks, vegetation and loose dirt under feet.  We where both scratched up and bleeding by the time we got to the point.
 This is looking down the north side of the point and Sycamore Canyon  from the rim. we were glad to be up out of there even though we wanted to climb around more and get to that place to see what I had seen in the satellite photos.
 This is left of the point looking down in to sycamore. Notice the ditch in the center going down in to the canyon. Some legends talk of a short steep canyon but most talk of a deep box end canyon with no description of how steep it is.

                                        Here are older photos of Sycamore Canyon

   This photo was taken from near Sycamore Point a little hike down from the top of the canyon. It is called ( the Sphinx ) by one of my hunting partners. Look in the middle of the pic on the cliff wall. Also at the bottom is a spire one of the marks to find the canyon, but this is not the one. The canyon has spires all through it, and some of the larger canyons that flow in to sycamore.

    This photo was taken from Sycamore Point but down the side to a 30+ foot cliff that I could not get down. The red X on the top of home page photo is this location.

The photo above is from a canyon north of Sycamore Point looking south down in to sycamore canyon from the top. The photo to the left is from the bottom, the whitish rocks in the center are only a quarter of the way up the side and is the easiest part of the climb.
The dark rocks at the top are almost the TOP

This is Tule Canyon. It is a large canyon that flows in to Sycamore Canyon. Many people think that the lost mines are up in here some where. I have hiked the upper southern fork of the canyon and found no sign.
hear is a spire on the right side of this photo,It looks like a totem pole.

As you can see to the left the cliffs near the top are no joke. You could tie off in a tree or rock with a rope, But most every thing along the side is in loose material. You can feel rocks under the dead vegetation move when you step on it.


  1. CooL pics Jamie. I used to sit in front of you in your dad's history class in Estespark ~ Do you remember me ~ Renee's B.F.??
    I'm living (and prospecting) in Morristown, az (near Wickenburg). I have had some fun and profit at Lynx creek as well.
    Great web site Jamie ~ Glad to see someone tell the truth in this business for a change.
    Hope to see you in the gold fields ~ Rick.

  2. Thanks Rick. Going back out to Sycamore this spring to check out more of the canyon. been looking over photos to see were we are going to explore next. Have to check out 1 section at a time and there is a lot to check out. I had not found much in Linx creek but the woods reminded me of Estes. would be good to get to see some old school friends some time. Take care. James

  3. Thanks for posting the pictures and information on your web site. This gives real definition to the area that you cannot get from Google Earth.