Friday, June 21, 2013

Expedition of 6/18/2013

   Well I finely made it back to Sycamore Canyon. One of my neighbors that I had told of my hunting lost mines had made some time to go when I invited him and three weeks after we planed to go we went. A solar upgrade, goats being born and fathers day held us up but when it when it was over we ran for it. weekends  where not working so we went on a week day.
   The road was not very recognizable and no other traffic sign and the rocks had been getting larger it seemed. We found a good place for camp looked off the side canyon rim that was close to Sycamore to let Tom see the canyon and the route we were to take. We then went for a walk to the old cabin and did some metal detecting. Found a few nails, some parts of an old stove, old rusted tin cans and an old lead bottle cap buried in the dirt and leaves.
   The next day we set out early after cheesy eggs and coffee for breakfast. Heading west along the rim of the side canyon watching the other side for a place to get up to the top of that ridge. We had walked past the cabin long before we crossed. It being a cool morning we had sweaters we were taking off and stuffed them in to the back pack. In a forest like this you are stepping over dead rotting trees and to walk around or over rocks and go around or through  bushes. We were getting close to the end so we worked our way down to where we saw 3 dear. Moving farther east we came up on a cliff so we had to climbed back up to the top. Walking to nearly the end we found a way down to the point. Working through the bushes and trees we were getting scratched up pretty bad.
   We walk out on the point as far as we get across the point a cliff puts a stop at going any further but Tom is determined to go on so he starts down the side of the point in to pushes so thick he had to crawl through them. Only to end up atop a cliff and having to back back out up through the bushes. I was walking around the top looking for a spot to get down and taking pictures. No way down this is the store of most adventures always so close but just no way. We got out on the point around 11:00 AM and left it around 1:00 PM after lunch and searching around for a way down. It took over 5 hours to get there and will take that to get back to camp or more if we do some photography and looking off the edge for any sign which is what we did sense it was early enough for us to do. Working up to the top again we went toward the side of a cliff I wanted to look off of and that took nearly an hour alone.
  Getting to the top of the cliff I took some pictures and looked all along the canyon side and not understanding how any thing could be down there. We head off for camp stopping for water and taking pictures. I found a way to cross the side canyon half a mile from where we crossed in the morning. We were getting pretty beat and were glad to find a short cut that cut about 1 mile off our hike.
More to come.
See pics on the sycamore photos page.

Monday, March 18, 2013


   I was contacted By one of you asking for other adventures I had so here is some strange things that happened out in sycamore canyon and yes I am talking about the post title (Bigfoot).

   I have had 2 Bigfoot encounters in sycamore canyon south west of Flagstaff Az. The first 1 happened around 10 years ago Near little low pocket with a hiking partner (Tom) after using a large stick to brake the limbs off a dead tree laying down on the ground. After dark the second time of beating the limbs off the dead tree we herd a sound that was like a deep gergling growl type of talking. Neather one of us could recognize the sound. When we got back to Cottonwood Az Tom had talked to a Native Indian about it. She had told him that it was a Bigfoot and that pounded on trees with a stick was a way that they communicated with them.
   The second time I was on the opposite side of the canyon and a mile or so south of the firsts time. My exwife and I were camping 2 years later and I was doing the same limb braking only I was using the back of an axe to brake off limbs after dark we herd the same sound in the trees about 100 feet behind us. I got up to get a hand gun from the truck for protection though we were not afraid but just to be safe. As I stood at the tailgate to get the gun I could smell an over welming stench that resembled an old blanket that was urinated on. The truck was in front of us not were the sound came from (behind us). From what we could figure there was 2 Bigfoot visiting us that night. I had taken some pictures with my digital camera of the woods around the camp the next day.When I was going through the pics I could see in 2 pics An object standing upright in 1 had moved to a different position in the other.
   I had been trying to get the pics off the hard drive this year but can not get the drive to work. I know that other people have had their own encounters because on a paved road from Williams to Perkinsville some one had painted Bigfoot prints crossing the road in 2 separate places. There are many canyons in the area other than sycamore and is very heavily wooded through out the region. There has also been a Bigfoot movie made in the area a couple years ago.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Next Trip to Sycamore

  I have been talking with 1 of my hunting partners about going back out to Sycamore Canyon in early May. I have been going through aerial photos to see where we were going to hike for the next hunt for the Lost Village of Coconino. I found some nice sign that you can see in the pics below.
  As you can see I have marked some things that I would think what they could be. A smelter up against a cliff wall with what looks like a smoke stained wall and an X carved on a rock. The other pic it looks like a building ruin. These two places are about 1/2 mile apart. The legion talks of these but they are near each other not apart like this. I have also found other things that look kind of suspicious but they are over 1 mile away from these others.

You can see what I mean in the pics below.

I call this one the head map.

And I call this one the little village and big nose.

 This is the location of the Lost Mine with the Iron Door.
   The mine on the left is the Iron Door it would be the first one you walk up on if you stay on the cliff side of the rock pile. You will see a metal rectangle plate low on the cliff. And on the right is the one that the pics I show in the Lost Mines Found post.