Monday, March 18, 2013


   I was contacted By one of you asking for other adventures I had so here is some strange things that happened out in sycamore canyon and yes I am talking about the post title (Bigfoot).

   I have had 2 Bigfoot encounters in sycamore canyon south west of Flagstaff Az. The first 1 happened around 10 years ago Near little low pocket with a hiking partner (Tom) after using a large stick to brake the limbs off a dead tree laying down on the ground. After dark the second time of beating the limbs off the dead tree we herd a sound that was like a deep gergling growl type of talking. Neather one of us could recognize the sound. When we got back to Cottonwood Az Tom had talked to a Native Indian about it. She had told him that it was a Bigfoot and that pounded on trees with a stick was a way that they communicated with them.
   The second time I was on the opposite side of the canyon and a mile or so south of the firsts time. My exwife and I were camping 2 years later and I was doing the same limb braking only I was using the back of an axe to brake off limbs after dark we herd the same sound in the trees about 100 feet behind us. I got up to get a hand gun from the truck for protection though we were not afraid but just to be safe. As I stood at the tailgate to get the gun I could smell an over welming stench that resembled an old blanket that was urinated on. The truck was in front of us not were the sound came from (behind us). From what we could figure there was 2 Bigfoot visiting us that night. I had taken some pictures with my digital camera of the woods around the camp the next day.When I was going through the pics I could see in 2 pics An object standing upright in 1 had moved to a different position in the other.
   I had been trying to get the pics off the hard drive this year but can not get the drive to work. I know that other people have had their own encounters because on a paved road from Williams to Perkinsville some one had painted Bigfoot prints crossing the road in 2 separate places. There are many canyons in the area other than sycamore and is very heavily wooded through out the region. There has also been a Bigfoot movie made in the area a couple years ago.

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