Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lost Mines Found

In researching lost mines of the south west US, I have found that most information that you find will be misleading for the person that has the real info does not want any body else to find their treasure so they will lie to keep them looking some where else. Like the Lost Dutchman. Yes that one too, h
How many people know about another spire that resembles Weavers Needle out side of Phoenix. I my self learned about it and it is tucked back in some canyon where no one is looking to my knowledge. But let me get on with the ones that from my research and exploration are most likely found. Yes I have been to these and took the photographs or one my hunting partners took them.

Lost mine with the iron door has been found ??

   In hunting for the lost padre gold mine in Arizona I like many others (hikers included ) had come upon a cave with an iron gate at the entrance that was for the most part filled in, and another cave that had been walled over but broken in to. Though it is not visible from the creak it is only 40 feet away. There is an old foundation on top of the ridge over the caves and an old native ruin on the west cliff wall that is hard to find. Forest Service has recorded these and I have a copy of the record.
   This place is a nice hike up along sycamore creak. The creak runs along the trail with the trail crossing the creak 4 times before you reach the mine. There are some nice camping and swimming spots along the way. there are a number of springs that pop up here and there for fresh drinking water.
   There is a story of two men that worked the mine back in the late 1930s through the early 1940s before going to war. To my understanding only one returned. He placed a plaque outside the entrance of the mine in memory of his partner. Than he got back to mining it until the forest service kicked him out. He later found the vein at another place and dug into it there for some time.

   This is a photo of the mine entrance the door is open from the old miner but the mine is filled in the rocks are from forest service blocking it.

   This photo is the entrance to the cave next to the mine. A lot of rock had to be moved from it and the mine to get to them.

   This is the in side of the cave next yo the mine. Some body had to of dug this out with it all being rock and the way the tunnel is shaped.

   This photo is of the in side of the cave farther up sycamore. One of my favorite camping spots is this place the out side ledge has a cooking place and water holes above and beside the cave. The oval dark spot in the center is the entrance or in this case exit. from the looks of the wall it was an under ground stream long long ago.


   Lost Geronimo's gold mine ??

   If I remember correctly Geronimo's gold mine was a spring that contained nice nuggets and would fill back from the spring water kept the material in the spring moving. If so well then this mite be it.

We had come along this spring and the funny thing about it is that there were logs laid out near it that seemed that some one had a system to run water down to separate material and an old foundation to a cabin was also very near.

So then this mine was found and worked also and it to was not claimed to be found but kept secret. The Forest Service most likely knows about this one too but do not want people out there digging up the forest.

Forest Service checks on these from time to time and people have been caught. do not be foolish and do the same.

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